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Rockville Subscribers

of the 1874 Parke County, Indiana Atlas

Transcribed by Karen Zach

ROCKVILLE (all are residents of the city)
NAME Residence Occupation Nativity When to Parke Co
ALEXANDER, William Rockville Jeweler Parke Co., IN 1838
ALLEN, Firman Rockville Clothing/Boots/Shoes Daviess Co., IN 1869
ALLEN, S.C. Rockville Attorney Vermillion CO., IN 1873
AYDELOTT, J. A. Rockville Blacksmithing Established 1865
BAKER, James H. Rockville Pottery Established 1872
BAKER, S. N. & Bro. Rockville Pottery Established 1835
BARTON & Hunnicut Rockville Watchmakers/Jewelers Richmond  Est. 1873
BATES, A.C. Rockville Druggist Established 1861
BLACKLEDGE< William Rockville Carpenter/Builder Carroll Co., OH 1854
BOARDMAN, Thomas Rockville Boot/Shoe Manufactory Manchester, Engl. 1847
BOUDINAT, C. T. Rockville Milling Vigo Co., IN 1842
BROWN, Jacob W Rockville Publisher Crawfordsville IN 1860
BURKS, R. H. Rockville Tailor Garrett Co., KY 1839
CAMPBELL, Jno. T. Rockville Surveyor Parke Co., IN 1833
CARLISLE, James Rockville Cooper Chathan Co., NC 1861
CHRISTIAN, Robert Rockville Twp. Trustee Augusta Co., VA 1835
CLARK, James F. Rockville Attorney Parke Co., IN 1854
COFFIN, Isaac G. Rockville Farmer Orange Co., IN 1852
COLLINGS, G. W. Rockville Editor Parke Co., IN 1842
CRAIG, Amelia Rockville Hotel Middletown, OH 1870
CROSS, J. F. Rockville Physician Hanover Co., VA 1865
CUMMINGS, N.W. Rockville Co. Treasurer Rockbridge Co., VA 1837
DANIELS, Henry Rockville Grocer Green Co., OH 1860
DANIELS, J. J. Rockville Bridge Contractor Washington Co., OH 1861
DICKERSON, Henry L. Rockville Minister Jefferson Co., IN 1872
DINWIDDIE, F. W. Rockville Bookkeeper Adams Co., PA 1848
DOOLEY -- see McMillan Rockville
DOWD, John B. Rockville Attorney Cincinnati, OH 1861
DUFOUR, John B. Rockville Coal Operator France 1848
ELDER, David Rockville Grain Dealer Madison Co., KY 1825
FERGUSON & Bro. Rockville Planing Mill Established 1870
FIRST National Bank Rockville General Banking Established 1863
FOOTE, Mary A. Rockville Boarding House Orange Co., NC 1861
FREDERICK & Goodall Rockville Boot Manufacturer Established 1873
GILLUM, William H. Rockville Physician Augusta Co., VA 1873
GLASS, James Rockville Justice Butler Co., OH 1822
GOOD, Samuel Sr. Rockville Agent Singer Sewing Boyle Co., KY 1867
GOODALL -- see Frederick Rockville
GREGG, Martin Rockville Deputy Auditor Hendricks Co., IN 1866
HAINES, P. Rockville Coal Miner Herkimer Co., NY 1873
HALL, F. M. Rockville Jeweler Mercer Co., IN (sic) 1871
HANNA, H. C. & Co. Rockville Livery Established 1872
HARGRAVE, William H. Rockville Machinist Fairfield Co., OH 1868
HARGRAVES, Henry Rockville Boots, Shoes, Harness/Leather Fairfield Co., OH 1863
HARSHMAN, Thomas Rockville
HARVEY, William H. Rockville Deputy Sheriff Parke Co., IN 1833
HAWKS, John Rockville Minister Franklin Co., MA 1850
HILDEBRAND, E. J .C. Rockville Carriage builder Established 1871
HOLMES, Thomas H. Rockville Blacksmith Established 1870
HOWARD, Frank Rockville Attorney Monroe Co., IN 1844
HUNGERFORD, W. G. Rockville Merchant Ontario Co., NY 1864
HUNNICUT -- see Barton Rockville
HUNT, Elwood Rockville County Recorder Parke Co., IN 1844
HUNT, John F.D. Rockville Co. Clerk Mahoney Co., OH 1855
INNIS, O.J. Rockville Am Ex. and Ins. Agent Dauphin Co., PA 1844
JACKMAN, S.R. Rockville Lawrence Co., KS 1864
JOHNSON, R.H. Rockville Druggist Established 1868
JOHNSON & Son Rockville Druggists Established 1871
JOHNSTON -- see Rice Rockville
KENDALL, Reuben Rockville Furniture/Undertaker Established 1855
LANG, Samuel Rockville Mechanic Meigs Co., OH 1858
LEE, Henry Rockville Butcher Somersetshire, England 1872
LINDLY, J. H. Rockville Coal Miner Morgan Co., In 1862
LIVENGOOD, William E. Rockville Cashier - 1st National Bank Darke Co., OH 1873
LOWRY, Charlotte P. Rockville Retired Parke Co., IN 1839
McCORD, R. S. Rockville Retired Madison Co., KY 1827
McCUNE, S. L. Rockville Bank Teller Parke Co., IN 1847
McCUNE, W.W. Rockville Farmer/Stock Dealer Parke Co., IN 1839
McDEVITT, R. C. Rockville Boot & Shoe Manufactory Parke Co., IN 1846
McEWEN, William B. Rockville Merchant Parke Co., IN 1836
McFADDEN, Isaac Rockville Contractor/Builder Rockbridge Co., VA 1865
McMILLAN, Stark & Dooley Rockville hardware Established 1865
MARVIN, E. N. Rockville Retired Hampton Co., Mass 1834
MAXWELL, S.F. Rockville Attorney Jefferson Co., IN 1838
MEACHAM, John J. Rockville Saddler Orange Co., IN 1832
MITCHELL, D. H. Rockville Attorney Monroe Co. IN 1845
MITCHELL, William J. Rockville Merchant/Tailor England 1871
MULL, Jacob Rockville Retired Lancaster Co., PA 1840
MYERS, Charles I. Rockville Butcher Established 1865
NICHOLS, J. M. Rockville Merchant Monroe Co., IN 1841
NICHOLS, William Rockville Walnut Lumber Hendricks Co., IN 1871
NOEL, Scott Rockville Justice Shelby Co., KY 1824
NYE, William H. Rockville Attorney Mass. 1853
OHAVER, J & J Rockville Mantles, Tombstones, Stonework Established 1868
OTT, W. J. Rockville Stock Dealer Parke Co., IN 1840
Parke Banking Co. Rockville General Banking Established 1873
Parke County Clerks Office Rockville
Parke County Recordís Office Rockville
Parke County Treasury Office Rockville
PATTON, William L Rockville Carpenter/Joiner Rockbridge Co., VA 1861
PENNEWILL, D. H. Rockville Supt. Public Schools Maryland 1872
PINEGAR, John Rockville Retired Stokes Co., NC 1829
PRICE, J. T. Rockville Lumber Dealer Starke Co., OH 1852
PUETT, Alexander Rockville Retired Burke Co., NC 1824
RAILSBACK, J. T. Rockville Ticket Agent Marion Co., IN 1873
RICE, H.J. Rockville Physician/Surgeon Shelby Co., KY 1846
RICE & Johnston Rockville Attorneys Established 1869
Rockville Graded School Rockville
Rockville Colored School  Rockville
RUSSELL & Co, J. W. Rockville Merch. Grain Dealers at Armiesburg Nelson Co., KY 1847
RUTLEDGE, CA & Co. Rockville Photographers Established 1872
SHACKELFORD, B.W. Rockville Merchant Maysville, KY 1838
SIDWELL, L. Rockville Grain Dealer/Tile Manufactory Ross Co., OH 1835
SILL, G. W. Rockville Farming Shelby Co., KY 1833
SMITH, R.J. Rockville Carpenter Johnson Co., IN 1854
SNYDER, Lewis M. Rockville Blacksmith Lancaster Co., PA 1861
STANTON, J. R. Rockville Merchant/Tailor Established 1873
STARK  -- see McMillan Rockville
STEELE, G. K. Rockville Farmer/Stock Dealer Clark Co., OH 1821
STEELE, J. S. Rockville Stock Dealer Parke Co., IN 1832
STEINBAUGH, C. Rockville Sheriff France 1861
STROUSE, David Rockville Deputy Clerk Parke Co., IN 1847
STROUSE, Samuel Rockville Livery Established 1848
SWEENY, William Rockville Grain Dealer Washington Co., IN 1842
TATE, J. H. Rockville Auditor
TENBROOK, Mary Rockville Farming Orange Co., IN 1848
TENBROOK, William Rockville Farmer/Lumber Dealer Lycoming Co., PA 1837
THOMAS, William D. Rockville Physician and Surgeon Jefferson Co., KY 1854
THOMPSON, Pierce Rockville Dentist Columbiana Co., OH 1867
THOMPSON, William M. Rockville Merchant Montgomery Co., KY 1847
TICKNOR, James P. Rockville Retired Albany NY 1846
TITSWORTH, W.F. Rockville Grocer/Baker Established 1873
WALKER, Jno. J. Rockville Milling and Grain Vanderburg  Co., IN 1863
WEBB, James Rockville Blacksmith Rockbridge CO., VA 1849
WHIPPLE, F. R. Rockville Merchant Established 1861
WHITE, A. F. Rockville Attorney Parke Co., IN 1843
WHITE, William J. Rockville Deputy Recorder Parke Co., IN 1850
WRIGHT, William P. Rockville Stoves & Tin ware Established 1872